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Where else does a life full of Detours lead for a singer/songwriter other than an eclectic blend of acoustic pop/folk songs filled with melodic hooks, harmonies and hope. 



Detours is the story of Ron Walker’s mix of pop sensibility, penned with uplifting spiritual overtones conveying the message that life is to be enjoyed as well overcome.

Andee is an Adjunct Professor at AZ Christian University Firestorm & the Director of Behavior Health Services at Phoenix Dream Center. She has her BS in Behavioral Health & Services from AZ Christian University & MS in Marriage & Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary.

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Aaron James Walker

March 21, 1984 - September 18, 2007
Detours is dedicated to you, AJ.
My amazing nephew.

Something was in the air that night, an excitement, an anticipation of the impossible.  AJ Walker, watching his high school football team beating their favored opponent, jumped onto his team bench, turned to the crowd, raised his hands high in the air, & yelled "Can you smell the victory?"

This was my nephew AJ. Larger than life, exuberant & passionate, he filled a room with his presence & laughter. Young & idealistic, he joined the army, knowing he would be deployed overseas. Leaving his family & young wife, AJ embarked upon a journey that took him half way around the world.

Stationed in Germany & deployed to Iraq, AJ went door to door, searching for weapons, yet always keeping chocolate in his pockets for the local children. On September 18, 2007, during a three day battle in Baghdad, AJ was killed by Al Qaeda with one single gun shot.

It's been 11 years since AJ passed away. 11 years of grieving & healing for our family. The Walker family went on a DETOUR, but we didn't just survive, we began to thrive. And in the midst of our turning tragedy into triumph, I can almost hear AJ from heaven, turning to his family, raising his hands high in the air, & yelling "Can you smell the victory?

We can AJ.