We're artists. We think outside the box. If we're boxed in, we kick our way out of it. Then write a killer song. It's what we do.

We create imagery and tap into people's passions. We create songs that move people, bring families together, and make a statement of our culture. 

Creating music is exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating. We live to create and we create to live. Somewhere from deep inside us, at our core, there's a sentiment, an emotion. We see people, we feel raw emotion, we observe our changing society.  We are.

We work on our craft, we grow our talent, and improve our technique. We throw caution to the wind and get caught up in a windstorm. We struggle, we survive, we celebrate.

We're young, we're old, we're in the prime of our career.  We look upon our field of music, our field of dreams, and we cultivate and grow. We are farmers. And our crop? MusicFarm.